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  • All pre-orders will be dispatched from April 15, 2021

    Material set, template booklet and video tutorial
    Regardless of whether it is Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland or Michael Ende's dream punch, magic potions are mystical and make every creative heart beat faster. In this workshop we will use a magical watercolor paint that will discolor with a tincture. The brand new »Dear Pink Writing Brush« is included with every set. This makes brush lettering with watercolors very easy. Let yourself be enchanted by this set of materials and the templates, which you will receive in advance as a PDF booklet!

    The material set includes:
    • Liquid Watercolor (Ecoline) in 10 ml special size petrol (602), dark yellow (202), Magic (magic color) and brushEX® tincture
    • »Lieber Rosa Lettering Brush« size 1
    • 3x Buntbox Frame M
    • PDF template booklet
    • Video tutorial

    The complete material list here

    »Magic Potions« material set & video tutorial

    SKU: LR_031_Zaubertrank
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