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brushEX® ... extinguishing agent for brush pens & Colors

brushEX® erases brush pen & Paints that can be painted with water after drying. Deletion can be repeated as often as you like. Dab off too much liquid. The dried surface can be written over or painted over as desired.

The "right" paper


Watercolor paper, mixed media paper, handmade paper, and uncoated paper work best.


When using lacquered (coated) papers, brushEX® also erases the surface lacquer. Shadows can remain. Varnished papers are e.g. Bristol board, layout paper, Stampin Up Whisper White. Test on scrap paper first.


Colored papers such as photo cardboard and construction paper can be bleached.

Erasable colors


stamp colours, which can be washed off the rubber stamp with water can also be written on paperbe deleted.


brushpen colors, such as Tombow ABT, Stabilo, Karin Brushmarker, Ecoline, Callibrush, can be erased with the brushEX®.


Ecoline colors, Watercolor Inks, inks, non-permanent and synthetic watercolors are erasable.

Filling the brush

brushEX® watercolor Spray

brushEX® effect for watercolors



After opening the bottle, brushEX® can be kept for at least 3 months andWatercolor spray 6 months.

Stored vials should be kept cool and protected from sunlight.


brushEX® is a patented paint erasing solution.

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