brush EX is an erasing brush for water-based colors on paper.

First test the brush EX on scrap paper, as not all papers are suitable.

1. Paint over the area to be erased with the brush pen and do not bother yourself,

that the color blurs.

2. Let the liquid take effect and the written text will magically disappear.

3. After a sufficient drying phase, the paper can be in the same place

overwritten with the same fiber-tip pen or another water-based paint

and be painted over.

The process can be repeated any number of times - but be careful, too much moisture can soften the paper or a yellowish stain forms. This yellowish stain can be removed by a second erasing process after it has completely dried off.

Tips as a YouTube tutorial


brushEX tested by blogger @lizasstudydiary


brushEX ... eraser and painting medium

for special effects


brushEX® refill it is sprayed on the brush for the perfect galaxy


Raccoon from @nadine_teilzeit_maedchen

painted with Ecoline Watercolor and brushEX® eraser and refill

brushEX® erases Brusho watercolor powder

brushEX® erases paint (Tombow ABT)