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  • »Dear Basic« is the initial brushlettering font. Ideal for starting your lettering! The upright and non-italic font is particularly suitable for writing short sayings and combining them with other alphabets.

    Content of the PDF

    • Overview of the alphabet

    • Warm-up with a brush pen

    • Basic basic forms

    • Complete ABC with numbers

    • Quick guide to the tutorial and template for shadow effects-2

    • First words and a sheet of lines to practice with, for example, Tombow ABT

    • First words and line sheet to practice with, for example, Tombow Fudenosuke

    The exercise sheets start with a warm-up, tailored to the classic brush pen size (Tombow ABT, Online Callibrush, Stabilo 68brush, Lyra BrushDuo). In part 2 we practice the basic forms that are repeated in the letters and their connection. It's effective and a lot easier. Part 3 is a step-by-step guide to writing the complete alphabet. You can perfect your writing on a practice grid. As a further attachment you will find the first words to practice as well as the shadow effect instructions "happy".

    "Dear Basic" ABC Brushlettering start

    SKU: LR_103
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