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  • "Dear Ribbon" is a ribbon font that is written with brush pens.

    • In part 1, warm-up, I use small exercises to sharpen the right eye for this three-dimensional font.

    • Part 2 ABC shows each letter in three steps: prescribe - mark overlaps - elaborate. An overview of the complete alphabet, special characters and numbers makes it easier to write your own texts. You can print out this overview as a poster from two A4 pages.

    • Part 3 of this booklet contains heart flourishes in the »ribbon style«.

    • Part 4 shows techniques for designing . Blending, lighting effects and black ribbon lettering with metallic brush pens on black cardboard.

    Pdf download: 17 pages DIN A4

    "Dear Ribbon" ABC loop script

    SKU: LR_106
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