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  • All pre-orders will be dispatched from April 15, 2021


    With the new Lettering Brush, brush lettering with watercolor is very easy. Thanks to the specially beveled bristles, it works by itself with the thick smear and the thin smear - without any pressure. Ideal for color gradients with watercolors, glitter colors and of course for writing with brushEX®. Just make sure that the little heart is facing up when you write.


    The writing brush is available in two sizes. Size 1 corresponds to the font size of a TombowABT. Size 2 is ideal for slightly larger fonts, such as with Ecoline brush pens.


    The brushes are handmade in a well-known and fine factory - Made in Germany!

    Lieber Rosa Lettering Brush

    SKU: LR_024
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