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Short Break

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brushEX® erases and can

paint over again!

handlettering - watercolor painting - calligraphy

Spelling mistakes in the lettering, the writing in the BuJo blurred? Watercolor too two-dimensional or too boring? No problem anymore!

brushEX® erases letters and surfaces that have been painted, for example, with Tombow ABT, Ecoline, Karin, Online CalliBrush or other water-based brush pens and watercolor. After a few magical seconds the color disappears (brushEX® erasing brush) or brightens (brushEX® watercolor). brushEX® effect conjures up light effects in the still damp watercolor paint ... and THAT is the blast: After drying, the area can be overwritten and painted over again.

brushEX now also on Facebook: brushEX with examples, videos and blogger tests!

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Magische Tränke in zauberhaften Fläschchen

Magische Tränke in zauberhaften Fläschchen

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